NAS Whidbey Island Support Resources

Fleet & Family Support Center - Nor'Wester

The Fleet and Family Support Program is here to support you and stands ready to assist with every career and life change. Contact our Centralized Scheduling Center for individual, marriage and family counseling, class reservations, individual resume assistance, financial counseling, relocation assistance or deployment/mobilization support anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

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Navy Gold Star Program

Navy Gold Star is the Navys official program for providing long-term support to surviving families of Sailors who pass while on Active Duty. Navy Gold Star services provide support to surviving Family member of Sailors who died on Active Duty, no matter the cause of death. Survivors will remain part of the Navy Family and are welcome at Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) to receive authorized assistance for as long as they desire. We do not discriminate between service affiliations, our goal is to help any Survivor who requests assistance. This may be as easy as connecting them their own services Survivor Assistance Program, giving them references or becoming their case manager.

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Navy Wounded Warrior

Coordinates the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill, and injured Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and their families. Through proactive leadership, the program provides individually tailored assistance designed to optimize the success of the shipmates recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration activities.

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