Kegler's Bar & Grill


Kegler's Bar & Grill is a casual eatery that is located within the community recreation center (Convergence Zone). This location makes it an ideal meeting point for lunch or happy hour at the bar or during a sports game. Open four-days-a-week, enjoy Kegler's Bar & Grill's menu features a full-service bar and beer of the month!


Lunch at Kegler's Bar isn't just good food, it can be an experience! We offer a large selection of craft beers from local Washington State breweries to pair with a meal of your choice. While you are there, play a game of pool or darts ... make sure to bring your friends to share the fun. Stay entertained as we have large screen TVs on every wall that feature many different games. So long as you are 18 and older, stop on in and always be on the look out for themed nights and evening specials. Children under 18 must be occopanied by an adult at all times. After 4 p.m. all children must remain in the dining room. 

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