Public/Private Venture Housing

Navy Family Housing in the Northwest is privatized. The Navy has formed partnerships with Hunt Military Communities and Carroll's Creek Landing to provide this service.

Privatization is a creative and effective solution mandated by congress for all Department of Defense (DoD) housing. Privatization provides a quicker solution for renovating and replacing aging Military Family Housing.

How PPV Housing Works

PPV housing requires you to sign a lease for a minimum of one year. With PPV housing, you receive BAH as a part of your paycheck. Your rent is then paid by allotment to the PPV partner you are renting with.

When the time comes for you to move out, refer to your PPV partner community handbook for a list of cleaning requirements.

If neighborhood or landlord/tenant issues should arise, remember that your local Navy Housing Service Center is available to give assistance to PPV residents.

PPV Housing Priority

Priority for housing will always be "service members first."

If there is not enough demand for housing from acitve duty military members, the PPV partner may opt to rent to others by priority.

Priority 1: Active Duty Military with Dependents
Priority 2: Unaccompanied Active Duty Military
Priority 3: Federal Civil Service Employees
Priority 4: Retired Military
Priority 5: National Guard & Military Reservists
Priority 6: Retired Federal Civil Service Employees
Priority 7: DoD Contractors & Other Permanent Employees
Priority 8: General Public