Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory program for spouses, children, and dependent family members who are on a service member’s Page 2 and enrolled in DEERS who have been diagnosed with a special need. The EFM program is dedicated to serving those with medical, psychological, or educational special needs that have been recognized and diagnosed by a professional.

Enrollment in the EFM program is mandatory upon identification of a special need. Once diagnosed, EFMP paperwork needs to be filled out by a medical professional and turned in to the EFMP coordinator located at Naval Hospital Oak Harbor (required forms below). The EFMP coordinator will then preview forms and submit them to the Central Screening Committee and PERS to process. The Exceptional Family Member will then be assigned a category according to diagnosis, availability of care, and intensity of care. Category 1 is the least severe, while 5 is the most severe; Category 6 is for temporary placement in the EFM program, for example, a high risk pregnancy or a premature infant. The category assigned to a family member will impact what duty stations a family can accompany their service member, however enrollment in EFMP does not affect one’s career, as promotion boards are unaware of EFM status.

Exceptional Family Member Enrollment Forms:

Fleet & Family Support EFMP Liaisons...

  • Work closely with Military Treatment Facility EFM Coordinators for comprehensive care.
  • Assist families with the completion of EFM enrollment forms.
  • Identify and coordinate resources for EFM families including medical, educational, and recreational facilities; community service agencies; and private organizations.
  • Provide information, advocacy, referrals, and general program information to EFM families tailored to meet their specific needs.
  • Assist families during the relocation process and provide a warm hand-off to EFMP staff at a new duty station.
  • Refer families to specific educational, recreational, and cultural activities.

Fleet & Family Support EFM Liaison

Hospital EFM Coordinator
Naval Hospital Oak Harbor
3475 N. Saratoga Street
Oak Harbor, WA 98278

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