Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a service-wide program dedicated to serving Service Members and their Family Members with medical conditions of all ages. 

Every installation has both EFMP Medical to support with mandatory actions and EFMP Family Support. 

EFMP Medical

EFMP is mandatory for dependents who reside with you, enrolled in DEERS, on page 2 and expected to have a medical condition expected to last six months or longer. This is to ensure Service Members are assigned where Family Members will receive specialty medical care, education, and support. 

EFMP Coordinators, located in military hospitals and clinics, support with mandatory enrollment, status updates, and disenrollments.  These are reviewed and processed with the Central Screening Committee.  Then, it is reviewed by PERS who determines approval and category assignment. Categories are used by the detailer to review assignments to ensure frequency and type of care is available.

Exceptional Family Member Enrollment Forms

MTF EFM Coordinator
Naval Hospital Oak Harbor
3475 N. Saratoga Street
Oak Harbor, WA 98278

EFMP Family Support

Fleet & Family EFMP Case Liaisons may navigate access to specialty care, respite options, potential Federal and State benefits, and coordinate with on and off base community partners.  This is particularly helpful to develop a service plan for Family Members with a new diagnosis and when PCSing or relocating.  Families determine the services they would like to receive, their goals, and how often they would like to be contacted.

EFMP Case Liaison

Fleet & Family Support Center, Nor'Wester
3675 W Lexington, Bldg 2556
Oak Harbor, WA 98278

PCSing soon? Download the EFMP PCS Checklist as a relocation guide. 

Please visit our EFMP Community Resource page to consider areas of support, goals and resources.


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