Applying for Housing

Housing Early Application ToolReceive Housing Information Faster!

Navy Housing has developed HEAT to assist service members and their families in applying for housing Navywide. HEAT allows you to apply for housing at one or more installations online before or after you receive PCS orders. Learn more →

You will still need to submit your application package for Public/Private Venture Housing (PPV) or Military Family Housing (MFH), whether you use HEAT or the traditional application process. Your application will not be effective on the actual waiting list before you detach. Utilizing your detach date as your start date on the waiting list is valid up to 30 days after your "Report No Later Than" date.

It is important to contact the Housing Service Center (HSC) once you arrive to assure that your application has been activated.

HEAT has moved to the website environment and its website link has changed to:
In addition, HEAT is one of the first applications to switch to the DoD ID, replacing the SSN. Service members can use their CAC with a DoD ID to sign up for HEAT. This might be especially useful for spouses who have long memorized their sponsor's SSN, but do not know their DoD ID yet. When the HEAT request is imported to an advanced application, it will contact DEERS and update the SSN field in the person record automatically. They do not need to separately provide that information if HEAT business rules are followed.

Housing Services Center | 360-257-3331

Application forms may be obtained online, at your nearest HSC, or contact us to have one mailed/emailed to you.

A complete application package includes:

  • Application for PPV Housing
  • A copy of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders or Homeport Change Certificate that brings (brought) you to this area.
  • A copy of current Record of Emergency Data (Page 2) or DEERS enrollment form listing all family members who will be residing with your family.

Note: Please read the Housing Application Checklist carefully as it provides more information/criteria for the application process.

There may be a waiting list advantage if you provide proof of detachment from your previous command. The local housing services office can advise you if the additional paperwork will impact your waiting list position for your circumstances.

If the military member will be unavailable at the time of lease signing for PPV Housing, a special Power of Attorney will be required from the spouse. A Power of Attorney form can be obtained from Navy Legal.

Please keep us informed of any and all changes, particularly if you have a change in your contact information (i.e. telephone numbers, email address, etc).

Send your completed application package and inquiries to the HSC that services the installation where you will be stationed.