New Year, New You in 2023

New Year, New You...?

What if we viewed a New Year as an opportunity to build upon what we have and who we are already rather than starting anew? This invitation can dramatically shift our perception of growth, perhaps making it more long-lasting and effective. In this season of transition, we at Fleet, Family, Readiness (FFR) want to direct your attention to the incredible program at Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) to meet you where you are and support you on where you want to go.

Navy life can often be filled with moments of change, leaving little time to adapt. FFSC has excellent courses to strengthen your ability to journey through the ups and downs of life with ease. Their Mind, Body, and Mental Fitness courses are designed to help you build a stronger foundation and sharpen the tools in your mental, emotional, and spiritual toolbox. You will explore areas such as stress management, core values, flexibility, problem-solving and more. In addition, FFSC provides courses on financial and career education, life skills, and counseling.

Life can be hard and finding community, support, and resources can help lighten the load we all carry. And in any New Year, it can serve as an excellent time to take inventory of personal and professional goals and areas we can improve. However, it is not without a moment of acknowledgment that we have made it this far.        

And remember, in any safety demonstration, it is better to know this information and not need it than to need it and not know it. FFSC is a resource to help you attain your goals and become the person you're striving to be. In taking inventory of your own personal toolbox, we ask, how will you choose to sharpen and refine what you already have?

You can find the upcoming FFSC classes on the events pages at or by stopping by your local Fleet & Family Services Center.