Naval Air Station Whidbey Island HPCON-C Services as of Nov. 18

18 Nov 2020

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Washington state and in the counties surrounding the installation, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island will return to HPCON C as of midnight November 18.

The following items are intended to provide important services on the installation to support the fleet and fighter:


  • Fitness Center: Open to Active Duty only not to exceed 50% capacity.
  • Liberty Center: Open to Active Duty only with social distancing measures.
  • Convergence Zone Recreation Center/Bowling: Closed.  Equipment Rental by reservation for curbside pick-up.
  • Keglers: Open for take-out only.
  • Golf Course:  Open to all authorized users with social distancing measures.
  • Sky Warrior Theater: Open not to exceed 15% capacity (93 Seats). Active Duty and family members only.
  • Cliffside RV Park: Open Active Duty only.
  • Auto Hobby Shop: Open Active Duty only.
  • General Quarters Paintball: Closed
  • Recreational Parks: Open
  • Vehicle Storage: New or Renewal Contracts by appointment only.
  • Conference Centers: Open for Command meetings/training adhering to no more than ten participants.

Child and Youth Programs

  • No change to current operations. Key service provisions are in operation now in NRNW child and youth programs.
  • Assessment of “temporary” patron usage will occur on a weekly basis and will accept children so long as the program has capacity and staff.
  • No new permanent childcare space offers from MCC waitlist.
  • Existing patrons who choose to self-care will continue to have fees waived until Full Service Restoration resumes.
  • Staff will sign children in/out.
  • Classroom visitor access will be restricted.


Housing Service Centers

  • Referral Services:  Phone and email contact only between customers and staff, no face-to-face visits
  • PPV Inspections:  Continuation of Change of Occupancy Maintenance inspections with just a single inspector in the vacant home.  Occupied home inspections (move-in / move-out / health & safety) on a case by case basis with precautions in place.

Unaccompanied Housing

  • Weekly vacant room checks will continue (just one inspector at a time).
  • Monthly inspections of occupied rooms will continue.

Admiral Nimitz Galley

  • Open to Active Duty only. 
  • Inside dining limited to one per table and facility capacity of 25%. 
  • Take-out available.

Family Readiness

  • Work and Family Life (WFL), SAPR, Counseling Advocacy and Prevention, and Navy Gold Star Program will provide virtual services. 
  • Facility doors will be open, and minimal staff will be in the building, on an A/B schedule.  Staff will be available for urgent/emergent requests. 
  • All training will be provided virtually, including TAP, SAPR VA training, etc. 
  • One-on-one FAP, SAIL, and non-medical counseling services will be provided telephonically. 
  • FAP treatment groups will be provided in person, following appropriate safety protocols. 

Navy Gateway Inns & Suites

  • Open to Official Travelers and Active Duty only. 
  • Housekeeping services reduced to every other day.