90-Day R&R Challenge: Earn points for a chance to WIN!

20 Aug 2018

"Strong Sailors and Families Mean a Stronger Fleet"
In 2018, NASWI MWR Community Recreation created the 'Strong Sailor Initiative' in an effort to build stronger NASWI Navy Sailors and Families, while continuing to increase resiliency through recreation in support of the Navy Family Framework. The 90-Day Challenge is a program created in support of the initiative and is scheduled to occur twice a year! We hope you enjoy the inaugural 90-Day R&R Challenge and we look forward to seeing how this program has shaped you or your family over the past 90 days! This program is open to all NASWI active duty, DoD civilians, and family members. One entry per household.

90-Day R&R Challenge: Resiliency through Recreation
From Sept. 14-Dec. 14, earn points for a chance to win! Over $2000 in prizes! 

  • No Pre-Registration!
  • Self-Guided!
  • Every Participation Card entry with a minimum of 20 points earns a special coupon book!

Level 1 Prize Package: 20 Points Earns (1) Coupon Book
Level II Prize Package: 50 Points Earns (1) Coupon Book and (1) SWAG Bag 
Level III Prize Package: 100 Points Earns (1) Coupon Book (1) SWAG Bag, and (1) Prize Entry 
There will be (3) Grand Prizes for Level III! Stay tuned for details. 

By Midnight, Dec. 16: Earn a chance to win by logging your participation points here: 

A flyer that will include a participation card template will be available in all FFR Facilities on Friday, Sept. 14. This will also be available on Page 4 of the Experience Navy Life Whidbey Oct-Dec Magazine. On Sept. 14, the flyer will also be posted on WhidbeyFFR facebook page. The participation card is used as a guide and you do not need to turn in a hard copy.  Visit https://whidbey.navylifepnw.com/events   or an Experience Navy Life Whidbey Magazine at all FFR facilities or on-line, here! Below is a list of ways to earn points! By, midnight, Dec. 16, log your participation points (based on the categories below) here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NASWI90DayChallenge. January 2019, we will contact everyone to pick up their coupon book and prizes once we verify participation for each entry.  

Visit the LIBERTY NW Center (E1-E6 Junior Sailors Only). Sign in for points at the LIBERTY CENTER front desk.

Take advantage of any CYP Parents' Night Out event on Sept. 25, Oct. 23, or Nov. 27.


Community Recreation activities and trips found on the following pages:



Attend any of the following and receive 20 points. For Special Events, be sure to visit the R&R Challenge table and sign in to earn participation points. 
1st Annual NASWI Officers' Squadron ROUND ROBIN Golf Tournament-Saturday, Sept. 15
Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament-Saturday, Sept. 22
Ernie Ghezzi Memorial Golf Tournament-Friday, Sept. 28

3rd Annual DVAM Motorcycle Ride-Friday, Oct. 5
DVAM Obstacle Course-Friday, Oct. 12
Family Readiness Fair-Tuesday, Oct. 16
Zombie Glow 5k Run/Walk-Thursday, Oct. 25
Teen's Party with the Paranormal-Friday, Oct. 26
Trunk-or-Treat Harvest Festival-Saturday, Oct. 27
Halloween Dodgeball-Tuesday, Oct. 30

Turkey Trot 5k/10k-Saturday, Nov. 17
Turkey Spin Karaoke-Saturday, Nov. 21

Indoor Duathlon-Thursday, Dec. 6
Old-Fashioned Christmas-Friday, Dec. 7

Q&A Section
Q: How do I get a participation card?  
A: A flyer that will include a participation card template will be available in all FFR Facilities on Friday, Sept. 14. This will also be available on Page 4 of the Experience Navy Life Whidbey Oct-Dec Magazine. On Friday, Sept. 14, the flyer will also be posted on WhidbeyFFR facebook page. A hard copy will not need to be uploaded or turned in. Simply keep track on your own or on the participation card template. The information on your card will be submitted here by midnight, Dec. 16. The on-line surveymonkey will have Points Categories for you to list all your classes and events that you participated in over the past 90 Days. 

Q: Where do I sign up? 
A: No pre-registration necessary. All participation classes and events will have a roster of some kind for us to verify that you indeed participated in that activity. For special events, we will have an R&R Challenge table for patrons to stop by and sign in for proof of participation. 

Q: I have a family of 4...can each of us submit an entry by midnight, Dec. 16? 
A: We are limiting one entry per household. 

Q: I am participating in the 90-Day Challenge as a family. I was going to take the Home Buying Class by myself. Do we still get the points for the class? 
A: Absolutely! As a family...this is all about teamwork and participating in events/classes/programs that you have an interest in. You do not have to be together to earn points. As long as one of you attends, you can get credit for the household. Just be sure that your name is on the class roster. 

Q: Where do I find information on programs that will count for points?
A. You can download a digital copy of both the July-Sept and Oct-Dec Experience Navy Life Whidbey Magazine, here!
Hard Copies of the Oct-Dec Experience Navy Life Whidbey Magazine will be available Monday, Sept. 17 at all Fleet & Family Readiness Facilities to include the Convergence Zone, Skywarrior Theater, NASWI Fitness Center, Bakerview Restaurant, Regatta CDC, Clover CDC, Youth Center, and Fleet & Family Support Center. 

Q: Will you post informtion on this program on facebook? 
A. Yes! Our @WhidbeyFFR facebook page will have all the details on the program and also include reminders on special events that will be supporting the 90-Day Challenge! 

Q: Is there a fee to participate in the program? 
A. Some events may have fees to participate but the actual 90-Day Challenge is free!

Q: It's October, and I don't really see myself participating in anything else. Can I submit my participation card?
A. Yes! As soon as you have earned the various level of points that you are happy with, feel free to submit the information any time after Friday, Sept. 14 here!  

Q: Does my active duty spouse need to be present for me to participate in program? 
A. Whether your family is together or your active duty member is deployed, you can participate in this program. 

Q: Can FFR Employees do the program?
A. FFR employees are not eligible to win the prizes or coupon book. 

Q: My computer crashed when I was submitting my information!
A. No problem, drop off your hard copy of your log/participation card to the Convergence Zone and we will make sure you get entered to win! 

Q: I went to a few special events but I didn't sign in at the 90-Day Challenge Table.
A. Patrons must sign in for all events whether it is through a roster or a sign-in sheet at a special event. We will be verifying the various rosters after Dec. 16. 

Q: Can I participate in the Mar-June 2019 90-Day R&R Challenge? 
A. Yes. All patrons are welcome to participate again in the program. 

Q: When will I be notified to pick up my Coupon Book and maybe even a prize? 
A. January 2019! After everyone is back from the holiday leave period we will notify all participants of details on coupon book/prize collection.