Have You Thought of That? PREPARE NOW FOR A DISASTER!

15 Jun 2018

Have You Thought of That?
We live on an island... GET PREPARED!
Article courtesy of Jim Reynolds, NASWI Fleet & Family Support Center Specialist

As you restocked your emergency supply kit for the couple of times we lost power over the winter months, did you stop to think, "Hmmm. If something really big hit, we not only would not have power, but we wouldn't have communication, water and gas pipes might break, traffic across the bridge would cease, and someone in my family or neighborhood might be hurt or sick . . .and . . and . . NO ONE WOULD BE ABLE TO COME AND HELP ME FOR DAYS!!!!" No? You never thought that? Well, no matter because now you have an event that will help you be better prepared for something big and this event is going to be EPIC!

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS SUMMIT: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, July 28, North Whidbey Middle School, Free! Island County Department of Energy Management and NASWI FFSP join forces to bring the community a summit supported by emergency management experts and first responders sharing their knowledge through presentations and hands-on skills to help you, your family, or neighbors become more informed and more resilient during a man-made or natural disaster. For military members, visit the FFSP info table at the event to be entered for a prize! Make a plan, stay connected, come to this event and learn! (360) 257-6289

The morning starts with presentations from earthquake and tsunami experts from the Washington State Department of Emergency Management and afternoon is filled with demonstrations on securing utilities, pet care, emergency wound treatment, CPR, food and water safety, neighborhood mobilization and MORE! Bring yourselves, your family, your friends, and your neighbors and invest a portion of your Saturday in getting piece of mind and increasing empowerment.

Start getting prepared! Make a plan, stay connected, come to our event and learn! Add this event to your social calendar, here

10 am Keynote Speaker from Washington State Emergency Management Division
After Keynote Speaker Presentation, please enjoy: 
Prep Kit Demonstrations
Neighborhood Preparedness Plans
First-Aid Training